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A Javascript framework

Web Components

Easily maintainable, Better performance, Increased accessibility, Callbacks, Lifecycles & Avoiding code duplications. read more


Remove, Append, Modifies DOM element with ease. read more

Data-DOM Synchronization

Code without stressing about accessing DOM. Easier to maintain changing UI. read more

URL transition

Replace component on respective url change suspected. read more

Event delegation

Most powerful event handling patterns. Single handler to maintain events. read more

Custom Plugins

Make your own plugins on top of web components. read more


Changes in development will be auto-updated in your browser. Development configuration and application performance are based on webpack configuration, so performance will be very optimal once your webpack is optimized.

Production run on PM2

Production run is auto-configured in 'ecosystem.config.js'. If you want, you can also manually configure it according to your specific need.


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