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Initiating multiple event checkpoints on a single event handler with different variants of events can be achieved. To use this, just make some checkpoints specifying e as element attribute followed by {Event}:{ActionCheckPointHandler}.

In the below snippet, the event is associated with the click function of the button. We can also, stop event bubbling on nested events just by using e.stopPropagation() inside action handler.


<button e="click:execute"></button>
<select e="change:getSwitch">
<option value="On">1</option>
<option value="Off">0</option>
import Creamie from "@creamie/core";
import AppConfig from "./app-config.js";
class App extends Creamie {
constructor() {
execute: function (target, e) {
console.log(target, e, "Execute method fired!");
getSwitch: (target) => {
// Result will be On/Off
* create your methods below
window.customElements.define(AppConfig.tag, App);